Donnerstag, 9. Juni 2016

[Playlist] Garage/Neopsych/Surf 2016 #2

preparing for the summer & festival season with my new playlist!  (Garage/Freakbeat/HeavyPsych/Surf)

What are your summer music plans 2016 ?


Fogbound - Strange House
The Black Angels - Good Vibrations
Odyssey Os Argonautas - Desert
Os Noctàmbulos - Not Everyone
The WJLP Appreciation Society - It came from beyond the Moon
Sun Voyager - Ghost Valley
Man of Moon - I Run
Fort Union - Bones
Mayflower Madame - Self Seer
In The Red Recordings - GØGGS - Glendale Junkyard
The Stamp - Fugitive
Nicholas Allbrook - A Fool there was
The Planets Collide - wake me up then it's over
The Nude Party - Poor Boy Blues
FANS band - Not in Love
Amerikan Bear - I Know the Story
Psychic Ills - baby
Donny Love - Hey you
Snake! Snake! Snakes! - Tranquilo -Washed Out
King Buffalo - Kerosene
The Fast Camels - keep the Noise down for Mathilda
420 Floors High - Mandala

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