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[Interview] four questions to...The Electric Circus

Genre: Heavy Psych/ Neo Psychedelia
Release Date of The Electric Circus 2: 31th August 2015
Similar artists: The Psychotic Monks, Wall of Death, The Movements, Elephant Stone

If you like to have your head in the clouds you should listen to this organ-driven and upcoming band. The Electric Circus is a Neo Psychedelia/ Heavy Psych quartet from Minnesota. Their new (and second) EP named The Electric Circus 2 was just released on August 31st. I'm happy to present you my interview with Jonny Kasai who plays the guitar in the band.

Q: Please tell me something about the history of the band and about the members! 

A: The Electric Circus was formed originally as a solo recording project based around the classic 60's heavy psych quartet, and now has evolved into a full band including Aaron Robertson on Keys, Billy Webb on Bass, Lewis Franti on Drums, and Jonny Kasai on Guitar and Vocals. Our first EP was just released on April 1st of this year, and our new EP and single were put out almost a month ago to today.

Q: Your album The Electric Circus 2 was released on August 31, 2015 digitally. Do you plan any physical releases like Cds or Vinyl?

A: It is a goal and a dream to have our records released on vinyl. The single "Head in The Clouds" will be on a cd compilation album via Custom Made Music very soon.

Q: I guess, your bandname is inspired by the Electric Circus nightclub, which was located in Manhattan fom 1967- 1971. Which artist you would have liked to see there?

A: Initially, the band name arose from the recording process of jumping from one instrument to another in insane fashion, therefore a circus of sounds. I found out about the 60's nightclub later on and thought, I dig this! I suppose it worked out perfect considering the type of music that we are about. Witnessing Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd play at the nightclub I would think to be the ultimate psychedelic experience.

 Q: As I live in Germany I have you to ask if you have planned an European tour in the future?

A: We would love to travel to Europe and play our music! Only time will tell, but it is something that we are working towards sooner than later.
Concert of The Electric Circus

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